A selection of testimonials:


Applied Business Support has been advising Ashmore Learning Solutions about an opportunity to sell into China.  Stuart was able to suggest alternative ways of doing business in China and described the type of risks associated with each.  His hands-on support has helped to give us clarity for the next stages in the process.  Stuart is also helping us to develop our new 3 year business plan which will incorporate our export strategy for China.                                                              Owner of a learning solutions company. 

We’ve been working with Stuart now for nearly two years where he’s been assisting us to get results in our overseas expansion. His overall knowledge in the exporting function coupled with experience in a wide range of overseas territories and industries is something that you can’t read about in textbooks.
Owner/Manager of an electronics equipment  company.

Stuart helped us in our search for new market opportunities overseas. His understanding of our products, processes and sector constraints were particularly beneficial when searching for opportunities, as was his knowledge and experience in international markets. We enjoyed working with Stuart.
Director at an energy advisory company.


The Technologies for Embedded Computing Centre (TEC@Nimbus) in CIT selected ABS Ltd to carry out a feasibility study on a remote monitoring system for the global water industry. We were very pleased with the quality of the project executed, the depth of the market research and with the final report. It not only concluded decisively on the commercial opportunities for the technology but provided useful information and leads for other developments that TEC@Nimbus are pursuing.
Commercialisation Specialist at Cork Institute of Technology

Applied Business Support was selected to carry out the feasibility study on our wind turbine blade technology. We were very satisfied with the outcome as good leads were obtained from large global players. The positive study report was well structured with each of the key findings stated as impact on the business strategy.
Co-Founder of a wind turbine blade technology company.


Stuart has worked with us since 2009 when he helped to prepare the organisation for an important government tender which we eventually won. Having run sizeable companies himself, his business management experience has continued to benefit us, for example by securing another government contract in the past year
Director at of an immigrant accommodation business.

In the early stages of setting up our company for our vehicle safety camera innovation, we asked Stuart to support us to develop our strategy and with market research. We were very satisfied with the outcome as Stuart worked with us to ensure achievement of our objectives.
Start-up Entrepreneur.


Applied Business Support has worked closely with government agencies and were the right choice for our IDA R&D grant application. Stuart took on all the form filling but more than that, he helped us with the nitty gritty stuff, overhauling our R&D strategy, business plan etc., all of which were required in some detail. We planned out the project together and met up for review regularly. It was celebrations all around when we had been successful in our application for a substantial grant
The Plant Controller of a Irish subsidiary of a US construction engineering company.

We have been looking at investing in a green manufacturing technology which would significantly help to reduce certain waste products in Ireland and at the same time enable us to export the manufacturing output into Europe. Applied Business Support helped us throughout the entire feasibility programme. Firstly to acquire a government grant for feasibility study and then with his international knowledge, to successfully execute the study in the UK and mainland Europe
Owner of a energy processing company.