Technology Commercialisation

11Many technologies developed in universities and other third level institutions have the capability of being exploited commercially, for example by licensing or as a spin-out company.

In the stages towards commercialisation, the technology first needs assessing for its viability as a commercial product or service in relevant markets.  Technology transfer offices usually call on external entrepreneurial expertise to carry out this task via a feasibility study.

Our third level clients benefit when we execute a feasibility study because our experience in market research, strategic marketing, business background, and technology exposure enables:

  • A rapid assessment if the technology is going to “fly”
  • The study findings to be translated into impacts on a future business strategy.
  • Acquisition of names of potential future partner organisations interested in the technology.

After the feasibility study, we have a good track record and can assist in the next stages of technology commercialisation, from business planning and field trials, investment and incorporation of start-ups, to launching and growing the company.

We also help companies with similar needs of assessing technology ideas, licensing technologies from universities, and developing strategies for the technologies.