Strategic Issues & Business Growth

9When we help businesses to grow, often it starts by having to address one or two underlying problems under the banner of “strategic management issues”.  These are the type of barriers which in fact stop companies from growing the way they should.

For example one company commissioned us to help them Go International, but first we had to look at their range of products.  These performed brilliantly once in place and working but weren’t structured properly to sell easily into overseas markets through chosen channels.

For another company, we had to look at where costs could be sensibly saved in the whole business operations so that it was healthy enough to service a lucrative three year contract in the offing.

We can help you look at problems through a different pair of eyes and with our background experience – help you position your business for growth and then help you grow it such as via exporting or with new products/markets.

Our clients benefit from a mountain of situations we’ve come across in twenty years of leading and growing organisations, in ways such as:

  • Quickly get to the route of the problem from a fresh viewpoint
  • Working with you on the most effective, optimum cost solution
  • Being co-owner of a small company, we empathise with the SME owner/manager about the real-life daily issues faced.
  • Having the ability to take an unbiased position with existing staff

We take great care in working through the project with you.

Our Approach

We also help where a project might be just about solving an ongoing problem itself instead of part of a growth strategy.