Going International

10Enterprises venture into overseas markets for a variety of reasons but usually with the same overriding objective of growing the business to increase sales and profits. To be lucrative in exporting, potentially costly risks should be mitigated as much as possible. These risks can usually be reduced and costs minimised if a few general things are observed in the export initiation process.

Our clients benefit from working with us because our long-established and ongoing experience in export marketing, export strategy development, and overseas market research experience enables you for example, to:

  • Avoid costly pitfalls when starting up in exporting
  • Ensure your product/service is right for the market
  • Take advantage of possible government grants and supports
  • Adopt the right payment methods to ensure getting paid from international markets
  • Select and manage the appropriate sales channels for your exports
  • Learn what additional skills you might need in your business

We work with clients through their first exporting ventures and with companies wanting to extend into additional overseas territories.

Our years of global selling experience includes establishing a raft of sales channels. For example: distributor networks, own overseas sales operations and managing sales forces, licensing, strategic alliances, and OEM deals.

We also have unique experience in establishing European distribution centres and a full-blown manufacturing and sales & marketing operation in the Czech Republic from feasibility study, concurrently as MD of all sites and the UK primary site.

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